- DARK AGE is on hold at the moment -

Hi Everyone,
we feel that it is about time to speak to you the fans, friends, the followers and business partners of Dark Age:
Some of you might have noticed that we stopped interacting on social media sites quite a while ago.
There are also no live dates ahead and we maybe won’t even answer your questions regularly…
So why is that?
Since the release of “A Matter Of Trust” we are recovering from a variety of things that have happened in all of our 
personal lives, making it hard for us as a band, to live up to the expectations of you the fans and and the people
who are involved with Dark Age on the business side.

As some of you might know, 
Eikes Studio “Hammer Recording Studio”, which he was running with Kai Hansen and Dirk Schlächter of Gamma Ray, was hit by huge fire close after the world wide release of “AMOT” 2 years ago.
He is back in business since 2014 with the Chameleon Studio and did some amazing work there, but that tragedy all took a lot of time and commitment to get back on track.
He was even lucky enough to come out of there alive.
Also Jörn, even though he has been very busy with his band Neopera, is struggling a nasty health problem with his left hand which made it impossible for him to play guitar like he used to. Even with a lot of afford from him to get his skills back he still is not able to play some of the outstanding solos he had written and performed for Dark Age. 
We all hope for him to fully recover soon.
Of course there have been pleasant events as well:
Three of us are dads of young children, as Andre became father for the first time with a beautiful daughter, 
All these facts killed our chances to get on a reasonable tour we could join, making it impossible for our booking partners to get us on festivals.

As of now, we are not able to tell you when or even IF we will start to work on a new album.
This is not a break up, it is the need to give us some room and time to reassemble and hopefully
maybe return to the stages of this earth to share with you what kept us going the last 20 years….

We just want to thank all of you who love our music and gave us so many good feelings with this band.
We all are still very close friends and we don’t regret a thing! 
Maybe someday soon we might feel the need to make music together, you never know…
Since then most of us make music in other constellations, you might want to check out.
Eike will be playing guitar for Kai Hansens Tribute Album with Alexander Dietz from “Heaven Shall Burn” and Dan Wilding from “Carcass” and Mr. Hansen himself.
Jörn is writing and performing with “Neopera“ - http://www.neopera.com
Martin is playing the keys/backing vocals in “Kill All The Sexy People“ - http://killallthesexypeople.com
Andre is playing the drums in “Dead End Circle“ - https://www.facebook.com/deadendcircle/
Alex is playing the bass in “Wirtz“ - http://www.wirtzmusik.de

Thanks again, 
hopefully next time with better news….

Dark Age